The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe examines some of the most fundamental questions in astronomy and cosmology: Is life common or rare in the universe? Is the existence of a habitable planet like Earth the result of cosmic purpose or merely good luck? What does it take to build a habitable planet? What makes scientific discovery possible?

While exploring these questions, the documentary describes the intriguing argument made by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards in their book, The Privileged Planet, that the rare conditions that produce a habitable planet also provide the best overall setting for scientific discovery.

Narrated by actor John Rhys-Davies and featuring a diverse group of scientists and experts, The Privileged Planet casts new light on the perennial question: What is our place in the universe?

To learn more about the evidence, ideas, and people, discussed in The Privileged Planet, explore the resources below.


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For a discussion and study guide of The Privileged Planet documentary, see The Privileged Planet Discussion and Study Guide, by Ryan Huxley of the IDEA Center.


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